Thursday, June 25, 2009

Super Cute, Super Beautiful- Beauty & Money Woes

Every woman is beautiful, n'est pas? And that seems to be showcased even more so in the midst of a recession. Women are still willing to pay the big bucks to be "beautiful" but you certainly don't have to shill out a whole paycheck for beauty supplies! Read on for some tips to keep you feeling HAWT!

  • Learn to be happy, confident, and smile a lot. Although this may seem like an overly cheesy statement, it's true. Isn't that one of the things that you find most attractive about the opposite sex? Identify your strengths, and focus on them. Do the things you like to do. These activities bring confidence and happiness alike :)
  • If you want to delve into the exterior beauty, start with a moisturized face. Wash your face, and while your face is still slightly damp (not sopping wet) use a mixture of your favourite moisturizer and foundation. This will give you a nice, even coverage. Once you have rubbed this mixture in, dust a light layer of powder over, and you'll have a fresh, stay all day cover!
  • Next, curl your eyelashes using an eyelash curler, and make sure you get right to the base of the lashes to give them that extra boost. If you're feeling extra sparky, apply some black or coloured mascara. Purple mascara works wonders on green eyes.
  • Finally, for the ultimate natural look, just use a bit of lip balm or clear gloss. This look is perfect for summer!
Voila! The beautiful, natural look for cheap!

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