Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fashion in the Midst of a Recession- How to Stay Fashionable Amongst Recession Woes

Talk about a lousy economy! There are numerous people who have experienced financial hardships in this day and age, such as losing their job or losing money on the stock market. If only there was a mystical tourniquet that could prevent the economy from further bleeding!

Although the economy isn't exactly the best right now, you can make the best of this situation in terms of your fashion choices. All without spending muchos dollaros! Here's some advice for looking good when the going's tough:

  • Stick to classic pieces. Although there are some minor changes that occur in the fashion world, much stays the same. Make sure you buy quality pieces, and remember that quality doesn't always have to mean uber-expensive. Some classics that look good on every woman include:
  • Light Trench coat for spring and fall, wool peacoat for winter
  • Jeans (dark wash)
  • Jewelry (simple, like a necklace and earrings. Just wear one or the other, and try to avoid wearing matching sets as it looks outdated).
  • Purse (black goes with everything)
  • Black shoes (high heels if you can stand them)

  • Timing is everything too. If you really really REALLY want those super-cool red pants, just wait until the end of the season. Not only will that give you time to think whether or not you actually want them, but they will be on sale by that point too! After all, it's not a deal if you're not going to wear it! The best time to buy isn't actually Boxing Day either, but rather the first week of January. That's when stores want to get rid of all their old stuff, and pass the savings onto you!
  • If you don't like it, change it. So you bought those red pants and now decide that you don't like them? Change them. Cut the material up and use it to make something funky, like a fabric coffee cup wrapper. Or make them into a mini skirt, you foxy diva you!
  • Go shopping ONLY for what you need. If you don't need bracelets, avoid jewelry stores! Don't buy the first thing you see either, unless you know it's a good deal. Just be patient and keep searching, again only for what you need.
  • Second hand shops seem like no brainers, but you need to be careful sometimes. Sometimes second hand shops sell for MORE than the actual store they were sold in! Just keep your eyes open, and be wary.
  • Make your own! Learn how to sew, embroider, or make jewelry! Its also a great way to turn old stuff into new! For example, if you have an old shirt that you got a little stain on it that you just can't get out, try embroidering a simple pattern or sew some seed beads onto it. You'll get a reputation for being even more fabulous than you already are!
Good luck in your shopping!

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